Network Penetration Testing


We have adapted to provide Online Training to cope with the challenging covid-19 pandemic times since July last year and continuing in 2021. This training includes additional mentoring sessions are crafted to help IT professionals, to hone their skills in Network Penetration Testing.

Skills Level - Beginner to Intermediate

Participants should have prior experience in setting up, managing or securing an organization network.

What you will learn?

Day 1 

Module 1: Network Security – Overview
Module 2: Network Protocols and Analysis
Module 3: Network Security Threats

Day 2 

Module 4: Network Vulnerability Assessment
Module 5: Password Cracking

Network Penetration Testing


Since July 2020, about 6200+ participants from various industries and backgrounds have joined our training under the HRDF training scheme to upskills Malaysian workforce.

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Run & Gun – Network Penetration Testing.

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Why you should join the training?

1) This is “Live Online Training” instead of Recorded Course or Physical class due to Covid

2) Training is 80% Hands-On / Technical (NOT Just Theory)

3) 100% HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund) claimable under SBL-KHAS

4) Top Rated Cybersecurity Expert Trainer

5) Materials and support provided – Training guide, supporting materials and access link



A: We issued an e-certificate of attendance.

A: We will provide all the necessary tools to download for free and give you details to prepare one day before the training starts. There is no hidden or additional cost involved.

A: This training is not only open to HRDF registered companies but open for those who have an interest in Information Security or required in their job duties to handle IT security issues.

In this case, you can either self sponsor or claim this training under your own company for skills development.

A: Please check with your HR for claim matters or you can speak to our sales consultants regarding this. Please kindly fill up the registration form.

A: Yes. Let’s discuss with our consultants today to give you the best offer for you and your company. Please register now to speak with our friendly consultants regarding this training.