Certified Cyber Security Training for Your Organization

We are the first to introduce – Hand-on Training based on Assessment reports in the industry. Prior to the training, our security engineers will conduct a security assessment and provide a security analysis report on your digital asset.

Our company is an award-winning company in Cyber Security Education And Training Provider of The Year in 2015. By continuing to deliver the best IT security services so far, this reflect in our training as well. We want to be the leading IT security company that demonstrates the highest levels of knowledge, skill, and competence in all our training programs.


Hacking and Security Vulnerability Management

The Hacking and Security Vulnerability Management (HSVM) training covers the fundamental of IT security. It starts with pre-training, where you will be presented with an analysis report to understand the health status of your digital assets.


Network Security & Penetration Testing

This training covers in-depth knowledge and skills about network security for the duration of 4 days. Also comes with pre-training as usual so you have a better understanding of the current health status of your company networks.


Web Application Hacking & Defence

With the widespread use of the Internet, security is raising concerns among companies that conduct online commerce or e-commerce. This training provides hands-on experience in real-world web attacks. During the post-training session, you will able to practice the skills learned. This is a must-do training for anyone who handles the web applications for their company.


Mobile Application Hacking & Security

This Mobile Application Hacking and Security training covers mobile application hacking techniques for iOS and Android. You will have 4 days of learning and practicing how
real-world attacks happen, demonstrated by an experienced trainer. You don’t want to miss this training, because it will take you from beginner to experts, in easy to follow 3 steps training: pre-training, the real training, and post-training.

Customized Training

When it comes to security, we can create customized training that suits your needs. We are confident that after the training your team will be much more capable to secure and guard your web, network, server and mobile apps.

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Training Schedule

Learn our latest training schedule covering from January till December, 2020.